Problem 710

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Problem 710

Post by Ted »

Problem 710 (View Problem)
If palindrome elements have more than one digit, can they occupy the center of a tuple, for example, (2,16,2) could be a twopal for 20? What about (4,12,4)? Would that be a twopal? What about (20)?

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Re: Problem 710

Post by wrongrook »

(2,16,2) is a twopal for 20 (tuple is palindromic and 2 is present).

(4,12,4) is not (no element equal to 2).

(20) is not (no element equal to 2).

In Python, a test for a twopal could be written as:

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is_twopal = (A == A[::-1]) and (2 in A)

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