Problem 050

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Re: Problem 050

Post by TheEvil »

My old algorithm takes 1.339000 sec. It is not optimised, a C code.
I have an average laptop with I5 CPU and I'm using Windows and I don't know anything about my compiler. Sorry for the missing information.
But if you feel like to, you can send me your code or your idea, how you solved it.

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Re: Problem 050

Post by Agrentum »

Thanks for offer but I have found my problem today. Changed ranges in generated primes and changed order of some conditions. Rookie mistake, but droved me crazy for days. I'm now down to 0.227s on average after finally getting through my thick skull that I don't need most of generated primes and that got cut down to 0.141s after 'discovering' the is_permutation method :lol: . I'm writing C code now, it will probably get slightly faster, but I would love to be positively surprised.

Again, thanks.
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Re: Problem 050

Post by Svartskägg »

My execution time for problem 50 is 1.1 ms.

In this post I showed my times for all problems 1-100 :
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