Problem 037

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Re: Problem 037

Post by Francky »

thundre wrote:Yes, the 11th and final number is quite a bit larger than the 10th. Raise your limit.
I got the 10 first in 1ms of uncompiled python, and the 11th in 13ms.
In 77ms, I proove that there are only 11, no one else !
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Problem 37

Post by rmacheshire »

Unfortunately, if you..

removed spoilers
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Re: Problem 37

Post by mpiotte »

rmacheshire wrote:Unfortunately, ...
Please don't create a new topic when one already exists.
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Re: Problem 037

Post by TripleM »

Additionally, if you're concerned the solution can easily be found by searching, posting methods for finding it in this forum seems to have made things worse..
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Re: Problem 037

Post by Junglemath »

For those who have solved this problem, I've left some questions in the private thread that I'm hoping someone can answer.
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Re: Problem 037

Post by philiplu »

@Junglemath, I posted an explanation in the forum, though you've since deleted your questions. Guess you figured it out before I finished my post :)
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