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Discussion threads for levels achieved

Posted: Sat Jul 17, 2021 11:38 am
by Obergscheidle
Dear all,
I was thinking about ways to get in contact with other participants just to get to know some more people with shared interests, and then I had an idea I like a lot and which I want to suggest here for a discussion: What if the site provided separate discussion threads similar to the per-problem threads, but open only to people who have reached a certain level?
That would allow us to connect to fellow participant who have (perhaps) a similar set of skills, so that we could organise meetings, or discuss other random stuff we would find interesting (of course not about particular problems, as we would not know which problems the others have already solved, so it would require some restraint or perhaps even some form of moderation, preferably in a self-organised way).
A side effect of this would be to increase the incentive to reach the next level. If this creates too much overhead for the team running the site, one could decrease the number of groups to a subset, such as even levels, and/or levels above a certain minimum. Conversely, if this works well enough, one could later consider applying it even to participants who have obtained a certain award.
My hope would be that this functionality is not very hard to implement, as it would share a lot with elements that already exist, so it might be worth trying and see how it goes. Also, the number of additional threads to maintain would not be so large (currently less than 30), hence I assume it should be doable in the limits of the available resources.
I am very curious to hear what you think about this! Would you be interested at all? Would it bring any difficulties I am overlooking?
Best regards, Andreas aka Obergscheidle