Error in solution to problem 8

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Error in solution to problem 8

Post by hbhatia »

I have been entering solution for problem 8, but it appears it says it is incorrect. It is definitely the correct solution and has been solved by couple of my peers all arriving at the same result.

I would like to highlight that solution on the website is wrong.
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Re: Error in solution to problem 8

Post by RobertStanforth »

Hi hbhatia,
Welcome to Project Euler!
I have verified that the answer on the site for Problem 8 (View Problem) is indeed correct. Note also that it has been solved by 351674 people already.
If you'd like to send me a private message with which 13 adjacent digits of the 1000-digit number give rise to your answer, I'll take a look.
Note that the problem asks you to enter the product, not the digits.
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