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The statistics on a LCD screen tips/suggestions welcome

Posted: Sun Aug 09, 2020 11:29 am
by timostrating
Hi everyone I have enjoyed project euler very much and have solved around 125 problems now. To motivate myself a bit more I had the idea to show the statistics (how many people have solved the same amount globally) and (how many have solved it in my country) on a small lcd screen in my room. These 2 pages unfortunately are only available when you are logged in. So in my current setup I login on a second account and copy the coockie from my browser. Then i do 4 curl requests on a raspberry pi with this coockie every 4 to 5 hours to update the display that is connected to the pi.

the end result is that I have the text :
NL: 210 solv:128
GO: 6999 0.677%
On a 16*2 liquid crystal display

(the end goal is to replace the % with how many places I have dropped since i last solved a puzzle)

The problem is that this system breaks ofter because I get logged out or some noise in the wires make the display not function correctly so any advice on how I can improve this are very welcome. If one of the admins has a problem with me doing curl requests like this then please let me know in that case i will stop immediately.