Program regularity

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Program regularity

Post by albert » Fri Nov 09, 2018 11:12 am

I applaud that projecteuler reverts to a weekly schedule of problems. To help with this I have a suggestion.

Whenever there is no new problem available an old problem is recycled. This is drawn at random from all problems up till this day, or maybe
except the last 100 problems. Being the first now means an olympic medal, but silver.

The advantages are that
- The regularity is not broken
- newcomers get a chance to more or less catch up with the veterans in completeness
- valuable material gets reconsidered
- new problems tend to be hard, beause they must be new.
This trend is not good, and leads in the 400's to whole ranges with hardly a problem of 20 or less.
- veterans now have to give way to other people to end up in the eulerian count.

Groetjes Albert
I'm late in saying this but I hated the chance in the rewards system in 2014. Exactly the reward that I was most proud of, almost out of reach and gotten after much effort, just disappeared,

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Re: Program regularity

Post by LilStalker » Fri Nov 09, 2018 2:10 pm

To be honest I would rather have a release every 2 weeks than the problem recycling.

Im not even sure I get the idea. So a problem is recycled and made a bit different, but then all the people who have already solved this, will also solve the new version and for the people who havent solved it, it will just be another hard problem since they were unable to solve up it to this point?

The veterans will still take all the top places in the leaderboards and they will lose entertainment that new problems bring.

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Re: Program regularity

Post by LarryBlake » Sat Nov 17, 2018 1:43 pm

I'm also happy to see that PE is back to a weekly schedule. To all the team, thank you for keeping it up!

The first hundred problems are much easier than more recent ones. Someone just joining the site would be able to enjoy those for a fair amount of time, without having to look at the higher numbered ones. However, those who start on the low numbers miss the chance to be among the first solvers. Many of the awards (first to solve, first to post, etc.) favor the more longterm members. Solving 100% (when there were only say, the first 60 problems) was at one time an achievable goal for many; right now it's beyond most people on Earth.

If "recycling" means putting back older problems as is, I don't like the idea. It does seem reasonable to have a few easier problems to encourage newcomers and even veterans who are nearing their limits. Maybe recycling could take the form of "very similar goal / concept" to existing problems.

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