What happens when I propose a problem?

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What happens when I propose a problem?

Post by hk » Wed Oct 10, 2007 11:48 am

Edit: The procedure below is deprecated. The contact form on the main website no longer exists. Please follow the latest instructions here: viewtopic.php?f=50&t=510.
(mpiotte, 11 march 2015)

Edit: The procedure below is deprecated as you should send a proposal using the contactform on the main website.
However it contains still some useful information.
(hk, 8 july 2009)

Procedures have been changing recently and will continue to change but by now this is what happens when you propose a problem:

When spotted by one of the moderators your proposal is moved to a place we call the landing strip.
To make spotting easier you might make it clear in the first sentence of your post that this is meant as a problem proposal.
If your post disappears you can be sure that it has been moved to that Landing Strip and cannot be viewed anymore by unwanted eyes. We will try and do our best to notify you of this happening.
In that landing strip it undergoes it's first test: one of the reviewers or one of the teammembers should make it clear that it interests him.
Our reviewers are organised in two groups. The proposal is then moved to the subgroup this reviewer participates in.
If it becomes clear that the proposal perhaps would make for a good Project Euler problem it is transferred to one of the places we call our Hangars. You will be invited to take part in that stage. You will then be notified that you have access to such a Hangar.

Tranferral to such a Hangar does not mean that a proposal is already accepted as a Project Euler problem.
For that to be the case a certain quorum must be reached among teammembers and reviewers and there should not be any objections.
When your problem finally "made it" a final wording is proposed and the problem is placed in the problem queue.
The whole proces may take quite a time so please be patient while the problem is in the proces.
This all may seem rather longwinded but we try to keep a high standard for the problems and answers.
Also bear in mind that Project Euler is run by volunteers that also have their own personal life.
Also bear in mind that those volunteers work on several problems simultaneously.

As we mainly communicate via Private Messages it is advised that you enable email-warning that you have have received a new PM.