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Re: New awards.

Post by youth4ever » Fri May 18, 2018 1:43 pm

Hi Eulers friends,

I have a few ideas for an interesting award.
1. Receive an award if the number of n problems that you solved coincides with your n'th index Euler problem but if you solved > 200 problems . For example if you solved 214 problems and you didn't solve the problem 215, you decide to solve it and it will be your 215'th solved problem = 215-th Euler index problem, than receive this reward.
Basically receive an award if the Euler problem number correspond to your number of solved ones but a limit must be given because it is easy to solve in order the first 100 problems. That will stimulate a little to solve the problems in order.
Could be smaller one too. For problems in between 100-200


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Re: New awards.

Post by Animus » Sat May 19, 2018 1:58 am

Motivating peolpe to solve more problems between 100 and lets's say 500 is indeed a good idea, just because many of these problems are very beautiful and quite a few new problems ideas have been introduced with some of them.
For this reason we already have some awards encourraging solving these like the "Decimation" awards or "CC for Continued Commitment" and "D for Dedication" (Kudos to euler for these great names!).

However, just solving one more specific problem in order to gain your proposed award doesn't seem to add much to that motivation. It's even a little paradox IMO: The more problems a participant has solved from that area, the less the chance will be that that specific problem is still being unsolved, making it harder to reach that award.

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