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I used the new language Rockstar for Problem One

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 8:02 pm
by thefloppyfish
EDIT: Just realized I broke the rule of where and where not to share code. So if you haven't solved problem one yet, this is just a very bad poem. No code to see here.

I felt like learning Rockstar so I turned to the classic problem one to give me something I could work with, here is the result. The lyrics could be a bit better but it runs fine and gives me the right answer. I used the Python Transpiler to run it.

Link to Rockstar language Specification:

Here is my code:

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The Rocket is trembling powerfull; hereabout
The Launch's approachin
Starman's I

Put The Launch into Go

Space takes the life and the drive
While the life is as high as the drive
Put the life without the drive into the life

Give back the life

Bowie is firey
Elton is hot

While Starman is weaker than The Rocket
Build Starman up
If Space taking Starman, Bowie is The Launch
Put Starman with Go into Go

If Space taking Starman, Bowie ain't The Launch and Space taking Starman, Elton is The Launch
Put Starman with Go into Go

Say Go