Cognizance presents Insomnia : The Nocturnal Coding Life

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Cognizance presents Insomnia : The Nocturnal Coding Life

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Hi coders,

IIT Roorkee is presenting an Algorithm Intensive Online Programming
Contest – INSOMNIA, during their annual Tech Fest COGNIZANCE '12.
INSOMNIA is known around the globe and some of the best coders
participate in this reputed competition. The event has a total prize
money of INR 50,000/-

INSOMNIA will be held for 12 hours from 9:00 PM IST (+5:30 GMT), 11th
February to 9:00 AM IST, 12th February 2012. There could be maximum 2
members in a team. Team member may be of different colleges /

To participate in the contest, first visit
( and register each team member
indivisually on it. Then register your team at INSOMNIA website
( The contest will also be
held on the same site.

Looking forward to your participation.

Aditya Gupta ( – (+91-7417015693)

Deshank Baranwal ( ) - ( +91-9557020929)

Dipit Grover ( – (+91-9557647167)

Kapil Agrawal ( ) – (+91-9568380650)

Important Note: For further queries refer to ‘Rules’ on the site or
email to any of the coordinator or write to Email ID-

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