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Re: New Preferred Programming Language Requests - Mathcad

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Could you please add Mathcad to the Preferred Programming Languages for Project Euler?

The main snag with Mathcad from a programming language example point-of-view is that it is largely graphical in nature. A Mathcad worksheet contains both the 'source code' and the primary output (ie, it acts as stdin and stdout) on which all results can be displayed (eg, scalars, strings, vectors, matrices, plots and symbolic expressions).

Both text and expressions are contained in 'regions' that may be placed in reasonably arbitrary locations on a worksheet, with expression sequencing being dictated by the relative positions of regions (they execute raster-wise from top-left to bottom-right) This makes it difficult to give a true representation of what appears on a Mathcad worksheet, though it can often be worked around for standard programming tasks.

There are 3 main forms of the language: Mathcad 15 (the last in the line of Mathsoft variants), PTC Mathcad Prime, and PTC Mathcad Express (a free, reduced-feature version of PTC Mathcad Prime - from an Euler perspective, the major limitation being the lack of programming (there is, however, an 'if' function)).

Community: ... PTCMathcad

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