Optimizing your strategy against an opponents selection

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Optimizing your strategy against an opponents selection

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Hi, I am wondering if there is a possible solution to the question outlined below:

- Two players each pick 8 figures from a total of 30 figures.
- Each figure has a certain expected score outcome and all the figures are divided in groups of 5.
- The actual outcome from a figure in any given group affects the outcome of the other figures in that same group.
- Each figure has a price attached to it, related to what it expected outcome is and each player has a set amount of money to spent on his figures.
- The player with the highest combined score from all the figures he selected wins the game

Given that you know your opponent picks the figures which create an optimal expected value, and his figures are divided among 3 groups of figures. Is there a strategy which can win when any one of these 3 groups of figures selected by the opponent underperforms to the expected value?

I hope I have outlined my question sufficiently to make it understandable, but please let me know if I should add more data or change my wording.

Hopefully someone is able to help me with this problem.
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