Thank you PE !

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Thank you PE !

Post by oscar_thenon »


this is my first message, and after solving 100 problems, I created this account just to thank you all.

Thank you for these beautiful problems, which made me very happy; I had a very good and funny time with them. It's such a pleasure to see this meeting between maths and computer science, my favorite disciplines.

Many thanks to all the staff and keep the good work !
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Re: Thank you PE !

Post by Animus »

Thanks for the kind feedback, Oscar!

Solving 100 problems is a great achievement (you are very close to the One Percenter badge) and it is nice that you appreciate the work we have put into designing the problems. We have a strict quality management with triple control for all relevant steps and many proposals have to be significantly altered until ready for publication and nevertheless quite a few of them (whether internal from within the development team or external from other participants) have to be rejected for not meeting our standards.

One small remark. The "staff" is a team of volunteers, and no one earns money with Project Euler.

Best regards
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