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Anyone in quarantine care to find the "SOLUTION" by deciphering this...
Hidden-Before-Your-Eyes message?

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AS tEChNoLoGy haS Evolved It SEEMS thAt PRoJeCt euler Has tAKEn tIME to CAtch-uP. a cOMMOn Request in ReCEnt yeArs has BeEn To MOdifY thE StYle sheEtS tO make THe WEbsite mobile dEvICE fRiendLy. this iNcluDeS a rESponsive fRaMEWOrk tHaT sHoUlD DynamICAlLy AdaPT THe DiSplaY tO ACCOMMOdate A vAriEty Of sCreEn WIdTHs. iT Has TaKEn a Lot Of wOrK, GIven THe regIMEntEd TaBulAr StrUCtuRe Of MAny PaGES, bUt WE Are pLeASEd To ReVeAl THe fRuiTs Of THaT LaBoUr. THis Has rEQUIrEd signifICAnt cHanGES nOt oNLy To THe StyLe shEEts, but alsO tO the wAY In WhICh THe scRipTs DyNamiCAlLy pRodUCE pagES. ExTensiVe tesTinG haS been mAde, but as yOU CAn imaGInE there ArE GOIng tO bE SOME SEtuPs THat Had NoT BeEn AnTiCIpaTeD anD cOnsEQUEntLy pAGES MAY nOT ReNDeR as exPecTeD. in AddiTiOn, aS paRT oF THe proCESS A nUMbEr Of DecISIOns HaVe BeEn mAde To mOdeRNiSE thE StyLe sheeTs, InCludiNg tHe USE Of cSS variaBLeS to SIMpLify FutuRe chAngES. WheReas SUpporT For THiS hAS beEn in PLaCE In AlL oF THe main BRoWSERS FOR SEverAl YEArS nOW, It DoeS MEAn THat sOME OlD BRoWSErs maY SUfFeR. spECIAl PRovISIOn Has beEn MAdE to PRoViDe legACY CSS SUppORt For inTerNeT expLoReR, whICh mEAns tHat iE WIlL oNLy ReNDeR a vERSIOn Of THe DeFaUlT THeME. If you notice any sPeCIfiC ISSUES, tHen we WOUlD asK YOU to reporT THem at THe folLoWInG AdDRess on OUr alteRNaTivE foRuM: htTPs://prOjeCteUlEr.chAt/VieWTOPIC.PHP?F=5&T=6873.
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