Euler Thriller

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Euler Thriller

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As I mentioned in my post a while back, there's a rather special thriller involving our man Leonhard Euler. A limited time book giveaway on Amazon has returned, and if you're quick, you might have your own free copy delivered to you in a few days.

Try this Amazon giveaway link

In the story, a Manhattan high school student, a son of a Wall Street executive, wanders into a suspicious China Town store and unwittingly purchases an item belonging some "world famous mathematician". The store owner does not remember the mathematician's name -- "Teller, Müller …?” The item causes hallucinations which while clearly intertwined with brilliance lead to a disaster. The boy disappears, and the police follows reports that the teen was seen in Princeton in the company of an eye-patched man with a cloak and a biretta on his head.

Lots, and lots more in this adventurous story. If you like mystery and the world of thought, this book is for you.

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