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Euler Adventure

Post by jacek ossowski » Sun Dec 17, 2017 4:31 am

Fellow Eulerians!

You might be unaware of an unusual thriller featuring Leonard Euler. The book is a lively mix of both literal and intellectual adventures with an element of Christmas in the first chapter (it's a rather surprising connection, though). The story revolves around a Manhattan high school and a Wall Street firm and builds up gradually to our hero's arrival. Once that happens (just before the half-point of the story) things are never the same. Inadvertently, our man creates a major commotion involving police search for a missing teenager and an investment bank investigation.

For a short time (starting on 12/24/2017) there is a giveaway of a few free copies on Amazon.

(see a high quality preview here.)

May the Exp be with you this Christmas,


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