Suggesting New Problems

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Suggesting New Problems

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We are always on the lookout for interesting new ideas to add to the growing database of problems at Project Euler. If you're enjoying working through the problems and would like to give something back by proposing a problem idea then please read the following post carefully. If you agree to the terms of the process then you will be able to find the current email address for new problem proposals on the About page at main website (you must be signed-in as a member).

Please do not post your suggestion on this forum.

What makes a good candidate is originality: either an original approach to an old problem or something that is completely new. We're looking for something that doesn't feel contrived and presents an appropriate level of challenge and interest.

To put it simply, we're looking for something with the right feel. The team have been carefully recruited based on a combination of their programming expertise, mathematical knowledge, and an ability to articulate complex ideas coherently and concisely. I trust them fully and I hope you can too.

However, I would also like to make an important disclaimer up-front... All new problems become part of the "collective". Even members of the development team have had some experience of their own ideas being rejected or completely reinvented. So if you're easily offended or if you feel strongly about ownership of the problem then Project Euler is perhaps not the right place for it. It is the aim of Project Euler to provide problems of the highest production quality and sometimes this requires criticism, albeit constructive. Also be aware that there can be a large number of problems under development at any one time so please be patient.

Having said all that, I can assure you that the team always try to be encouraging and previous contributors have commented on how pleased they are that their problem has become something even greater than they ever imagined. It is certainly a most rewarding experience and strengthens your involvement in the community of like minded people that is Project Euler.

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