Project Euler statistics

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Project Euler statistics

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Was bored the last few days and was looking for some project to do. Well I have always wondered who is the problem solver on this website? Who is the best at solving superhard problem? Who has the most first places? How well do I rank up against the others? What is my best place? How many times did I make to the fastest solvers table?

So instead of just scraping the data and doing some statistics, I have decided to make a webpage where everyone will be able to look at the stuff that interests him the most.

The webpage is still under development. I will add additional features and content in the coming days/weeks, but user statistics is already done and you are free to check it out.

Data is collected once every week and is then rendered into a static webpage using GatsbyJS library. The website is then hosted using Github pages on my repository.

Below are some pictures:



If you have any comments, suggestions, ideas, I would like to hear them :)

Also, if Project Euler team is not comfortable with the site being online, I will gladly take it down.
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Re: Project Euler statistics

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That's some very impressive work. Nicely done.
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