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Gounki is a game that is played on a chessboard by 2 players. Each player has 8 rounds and 8 squares that starts at the very first 2 lines of the board (alternate 1 round, 1 square etc... on each line). The goal is to go beyond the opposite last line.

No piece can go backward or jump an ennemy. A square can go 1 forward, right or left. A round can move 1 diagonaly left or right.

If a piece reaches an ennemy, it is captured and never brought back into the game. If it reaches a friend it can be composed to form a bigger piece under this rule :

A piece can be formed by maximum 3 pieces :

A piece formed only by x rounds (resp. squares) behaves like a round (resp square) only it can move 1,2..x step at a time.

A piece formed by a mix of rounds and squares can behave either like its round part or square part but not both i.e a round-square can't move 1 diagonally+1 forward at the same time.

Rounds can bounce into walls (except if they start next to a wall).

A composed piece can be deployed under this rule :
-Every single piece composing the initial piece must be deployed
-Once you start deploying a square (resp round), all squares (resp rounds) must be deployed before any round (resp square) is deployed and following the same path.

For more information check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gounki

If you think you can beat my robot, please visit : http://garzol.free.fr/gounki/gounki.php
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