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Horse Racing and Quantitative Analysis

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:21 pm
by bsimmons
We develop trading strategies for worldwide gambling markets and we are interested in seeing if there are any individuals who are a part of this forum who can quickly develop a unique and profitable trading algorithm for the horse track. Our hope is that this forum is filled with creative, sharp people who may have an angle or approach that we have not previously considered.

Applicants should have a clear theory that they want to test (here's an overly simplified version of a theory: horses running from inside post positions win more frequently and at better prices). It will help greatly if applicants already have an existing interest in horse racing and have previously been thinking of methods to quantitatively address race track wagering (or experimenting with such).

We have a rich database covering hundreds of thousands of races. We will supply the necessary data and it will be up to the applicant to create the study. We will then test the applicants work on a hold-back sample.

If the applicant can show that the return on investment is more than 15% better than wagering a theoretical \$1 on each race favorite in the hold-back data-set while making theoretical wagers in at least half the races in the hold-back data-set, then the applicant (or applicants) will be paid \$5,000 immediately, with the opportunity to earn additional income.

It is fully at our discretion whether to accept an applicant and solely at our discretion whether the applicant has met the standards set forth above on the hold-back data-set.

Please address any questions or comments to