10 Percent Fight

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10 Percent Fight

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In the game of Ten Percent Fight, you control players A, B, and C and the computer (CPU, or whatever) controls players X, Y, and Z.

At your turn, for each of your player, you can decide which opponent player to attack.

For example, you can choose all A, B, C to attack X, or A to X, B to Y, and C to Z.

If one of your player(M) attacks another(N), HP of N is reduced by Ceiling(0.1 * HP of M).

But if one of computer's player(N) attacks one of yours(M), HP of M is only reduced by Floor(0.1 * HP of N), so you have some advantage on this.

If one of your player dies(HP <= 0) or all of computer's players die, the game is over. You win in the latter case.

You take the first turn. The starting HPs are as follows:

Problem 1
A - 100
B - 100
C - 120
X - 110
Y - 110
Z - 125

Problem 2
A - 170
B - 170
C - 185
X - 190
Y - 190
Z - 190

Maximize the total of your HPs when you win.
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Re: 10 Percent Fight

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nice problem :D
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