Open book approach to Project Euler

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Open book approach to Project Euler

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I am taking an "open book" approach to solving Project Euler problems i.e. in case I get stuck on problem, instead of waiting for days/weeks/months/years to get the "aha" moment, I will simply take a peek at the solution. Because my primary aim in solving PE problems is to learn mathematics and have fun coding. To all those who think taking a peek is cheating, here is an example:

How many PE solvers do you think solved without taking a look at this page: If you have never known about continued fractions, how many of the PE solvers would be able to come up with solution to this problem on their own? Now, given that a lot of PE solvers googled for Pell Equation to solve this problem, is it not "peeking"? Now, what I did next is found this resource on the internet: ... ctions.pdf and in some spare time worked through this book. I learnt a lot more about continued fractions.

Since I am open to taking a peek at other PE solvers solutions, I am making my solutions to PE problems publicly available at:
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Firstly, anyone who has solved PE problems and enjoyed the experience must thank the PE Problem Development Team. I have contributed to 5 PE problems myself. But, what I do not like is the attitude of the PE team toward the so called "spoilers", threatening to either lock or make private the accounts of people who like to share their experience in solving a PE problem.

I do not see PE as a competition, my attitude toward PE is more in line with this: In the end, the purpose of Project Euler isn't to compete for rankings. The main purpose of the activity is to learn and improve yourself in a challenging and fun way. If you need to 'cheat' in order to learn from and enjoy the problems, so be it.

Also, I think we can all agree with this: It is possible for one to mindlessly copy and paste solutions one by one into Project Euler to gain ranks. Obviously, this is quite pointless, as Project Euler ranks can gain you nothing in the real world. Your account is likely to get banned, and you are only cheating yourself of mathematical learning.
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