Nim Problems

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Nim Problems

Post by Eventhorizon »

Here's a list of problems based on Nim (with their current difficulty rating):

301 Nim 15%
310 Nim Square 40%
409 Nim Extreme 55%
488 Unbalanced Nim 80%
509 Divisor Nim 45%
560 Coprime Nim 75%
629 Scatterstone Nim 55%
649 Low-Prime Chessboard Nim 30%
665 Proportionate Nim 50%
692 Siegbert and Jo

Sometimes I find I can solve related problems in quick succession. If you are the same perhaps this list might help.

Let me know if any are missing.

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Re: Nim Problems

Post by philiplu »

If you search on "Stone Game" you'll find a few more Nim-style games:

260 Stone Game 70%
325 Stone Game II 80%
366 Stone Game III 40%
550 Divisor Game 55%

There are many others which turn out to be impartial games using Sprague-Grundy, but I won't point those out since it's not always as obvious that's what's going on, as it is for these stone/Nim games.

Like you, I got hooked on solving these in succession. Last April, I saw I only had 366, 509, 550, and 560 left from "stone game", and worked my way through all 4 in a 24 hour period. When I came up for air, I searched on "Nim" and found I hadn't solved 409 and 488 yet, which was disappointing. I did solve those, but months later.

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