Diophantine Equations

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Diophantine Equations

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A few problems require solutions to Diophantine Equations like Ax2 + Bxy + Cy2 + Dx + Ey + F = 0.

I tried using Dario Alpert's web page but could not get it to work. I believe this is because it is written in java and browsers nowadays don't like java because of security issues.

I downloaded the source code and converted it to a console program, which appears to work.
https://github.com/RichardAth/Diophantine-Solver.git (java version, requires java SDK)
https://github.com/RichardAth/DiophantineSolverMk2.git (C++ version, requires Visual Studio)

They appear to work, but any improvements would be appreciated. The java version also includes Dario Alpert's explanation of how it works, converted from his web page to a word processor document.

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