Retrieving Minimal Information

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Re: Retrieving Minimal Information

Post by phoenix911 »

Any one have idea how to implement login using some script ?

Also minimal link is working properly now.
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Re: Retrieving Minimal Information

Post by ecnerwal »

@euler It looks like these links are now broken (they silently redirect to the about page). They worked as of 6 months ago, did something change since then? Can they be fixed? Thank you!
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Re: Retrieving Minimal Information

Post by pjt33 »

euler wrote: Wed Nov 02, 2016 5:44 pm For those interested in knowing, the minimal information script has been re-implemented. I have updated the first post to reflect any changes that may have taken place.
There seems to be one change, possibly more recent than that, which isn't reflected in the first post: when logged in, I'm seeing the 1/0 to indicate whether it's solved, but not the answer for the solved ones. (I don't actually need it for anything: IMO the thing to do is to remove that line from the first post).
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Re: Retrieving Minimal Information

Post by euler »

Good spot, pjt33. That information (the answer) is not available now from where the problem data is retrieved, so, as you suggested, I've removed that line from the first post. Thank you for pointing it out.
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Re: Retrieving Minimal Information

Post by neighthann »

Is the "minimal information" API documented somewhere on the website? If not, it would be nice to at least mention it and provide a link here, if not document it there. I'm making an Android app right now, and I'll probably try to switch over to the minimal information version at some point, but right now I just query each problem page and parse out the information that I need manually since I wasn't aware of this option.
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