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ProjectEuler twitter bot

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Well hello there, i am new to this community but always been looking from some distance you know 🙂

Anyway, i recently thought it would be a good idea to create a twitter bot posting a new projecteuler problem everyday.

Right now the bot doesn't do much and i don't plain otherwise. It just retrieve a random problem, create an image containing the title and number of said project and then update a tweet containing a link to projecteuler associated page.

I was, however, planning on creating a website for people to submit their answer and display them using syntax highlighting so people could see how others has done and discuss over it. Would that be a good idea or this forum already fulfill that duty ?

Of course, that goes without a say, I would link every problem to its corresponding projecteuler's page.

The bot's name EulerDaily ☺️
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Re: ProjectEuler twitter bot

Post by hk »

Have you ever looked at
If you solve a problem over there you get a forum dedicated to that problem.
So your ideas are very,very redundant.

Before coming up with all kinds of extensions (really?) please solve a few problems first.
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